Websites that promote the Kemmer Stock Mtn. Cur, Kemmer Tn. Mtn. Hybrids, and The KSBA

The KSBA Official Forum Board, owned and operated by the KSBA.


The largest and longest running forum dedicated to ALL THINGS KEMMER


Another forum board dedicated to Kemmer Curs & Kemmer Tn Mtn Hybrids 


Website dedicated to the KSBA, it's history, it's dogs, and it's members.


Hunting wild boar in the mountains of Tennessee with Kemmer Stock Mtn. Curs


Hunting and Breeding the most versital cur dogs available today


Kennels owned & operated by Ben Lawless in Mt Airy, NC


Kemmer & Cajun Squirrel Dogs, Gaited Saddle Horses, & more


Keeping the Tradition Alive by using Kemmers to find and bay wild hogs in South Texas

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